Smith's Fugitive Recovery Agency LLC

Apprehension of Fugitives

Phone: (810) 354-7362 

We do not issue bonds. We are not a bonding company. Sorry for the inconvenience.

About us

Smith's Fugitive Recovery Agency LLC is a bail enforcment anency and is a registered DBA with the state of Michigan whose primary business is serving the bail bond industry.


We are dedicated to providing cost-effective apprehensions.


Smith's Fugitive Recovery Agency LLC is experienced in the field of fugitive
apprehension and it stays current with all laws and information necessary
to conduct itself in a professional manner.

Smith's Fugitive Recovery Agency LLC offers wellness checks, also known as a wefare check, a wellness check is when someone stops by a person's home to make sure they are okay. Requests for wellness checks are made by friends, family, and neighbors, typically after someone unexpectedly stops answer their phone or getting in touch with others.


Can I make an anonymous report? Yes, you can. 

But it does mean we won't be able to contact you again to discuss what you've told us and we can't give you any feedback on your report.


The identity of all reporters is confidential.

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